Welcome to Whitemarsh House

Located in quiet residential neighborhood, Whitemarsh House is a personal care residence that offers individualized care plans for residents with traumatic brain injury, acquired brain injury, cerebral aneurysm, stroke, brain tumor, mental health diagnoses and/or other neurological conditions.

We offer high quality, affordable and culturally diverse care that promotes and strengthens the health and well-being of all Whitemarsh House residents. Our experienced, professional team includes physicians, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, rehabilitation therapists and life skills assistants. We get to know each resident one-on-one. An individualized approach is taken to assure our residents’ quality of life, comfort, health and happiness. We maintain realistic expectations for increased independence and demonstrate an inclusive treatment environment respectful of input from residents and families.

Whitemarsh House is Just Like Home.


Many survivors of traumatic brain injuries, stroke or multiple other neurologic disorders require specialized programs for prolonged treatment and care. Their physical and emotional stability has been impacted. Many home environments and residential living communities are not equipped to address the complex, medical and social needs of younger adults who have survived stroke or traumatic brain injury. Many adults with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder have very similar needs and thrive quite well in our structured, understanding and supportive environment.

Whitemarsh House, a CARF Accredited Personal Care Home, offers individualized Care Plans for each resident with any of the above diagnosis. Our person-centered planning team has an ongoing relationship with each resident and their Community Health Choice Support Coordinators to design a personalized program that continually evolves to clarify the recipient’s goals, desires, strengths, and limitations.

Whitemarsh House is “Just Like Home.” Based on personalized assessments, our residents are encouraged to join in a variety of social and recreational community activities. This is an important therapeutic component of our healing environment. We strive to empower our population to build the confidence needed to reconnect with society. We work to empower our residents by de-stigmatizing the negative perceptions that prevail in our culture toward individuals with these diagnoses. Our Professional Team is composed of a clinical director, nurse manager, case manager, and a psychologist.

Our Structured Day Program is tailored to the needs of each person. Services may include social skills/sensory-motor skills and reduction of maladaptive behaviors. Cognitive therapeutic sessions provide tools so that each resident can reach individual goals.

We are licensed by the state of Pennsylvania and are an approved provider for all Pennsylvania State Community Health Choice waivers, OBRA waivers, Workman’s Compensation, Insurance Settlements and Private Pay.

If you would like more information or to schedule a visit to Whitemarsh House, please contact:

Rhonda Mines
Personal Care Home Administrator