Structured Day Program

Our Structured Day Program includes supervisiArt Therapyon, training and support to allow the resident to attain his or her maximum potential. The services are directed toward the development and maintenance of community living skills. Depending upon the needs of each participant, these services may include social skills training, sensory/motor development, and reduction/elimination of maladaptive behavior. Also included are services directed at preparing the participant for socialization in the community, such as teaching concepts like compliance, attending to task, task completion, problem solving, safety, money management, etc.

Our Structured Day Habilitation Program is for residents with traumatic brain injury, acquired brain injury, cerebral aneurysm, stroke, and brain tumor. 

Art Therapy

Cognitive Therapeutic Groups and Workshops designed for individuals with traumatic brain injury, acquired brain injury, cerebral aneurysm, stroke, and brain tumor provide residents with the assistance necessary to work toward the attainment of the following goals:

  1. To maintain a structured daily routine of activities.
  2. To develop and utilize coping skills and compensatory strategies to address the negative symptoms of traumatic brain injury, acquired brain injury, cerebral aneurysm, stroke, and brain tumor.
  3. To develop and utilize psychological skills appropriate for a variety of social settings.

Recreation and Social Activities

Whitemarsh House residents are treated to the soothing, restorative properties of nature. Our locations are adjacent to parks for walks and picnics, steps away from access to hiking and the Wissahickon Trail, and our large backyard is bordered by a fishing stream.

Residents are encouraged to join in a variety of social and recreational activities. Based on individual assessments, activities are specifically designed to meet the needs as well as enhance the day-to-day enjoyment and comfort of each resident. Residents may enjoy arts and crafts, meditation and relaxation, music and games, and regular group gatherings. Residents may also be interested in individual endeavors such as photography, computers or gardening. Activities are an important therapeutic component of the healing environment.


Resident birthdays are always acknowledged in the most festive and therapeutic way. We encourage families to join us for birthdays and holiday celebrations, in addition to regular visitation.

Regular group outings into the community for dining out and shopping are routinely scheduled. Several larger excursions (beach trips, sporting event, circus, etc.) occur during the year. Whitemarsh House residents are part of our surrounding community.

Recreational and Social