Whitemarsh House Strategic Plan 2023

This document describes the Board of Director's strategic plan for 2023. It presents Whitemarsh House vision, mission, values and objectives; reviews its strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities.


The vision of Whitemarsh House is to offer care that is accessible, affordable and of high quality to promote and strengthen the health and well-being of our residents. Through our programs and dedicated staff, we strive to build a community that respects each individual and demonstrates an inclusive treatment environment.


Whitemarsh House is a community based organization that supports services for residents with disabilities to maximize their capabilities and achieve the best quality of life.

Corporate Values

  • Respect for residents and families.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Protect the dignity and privacy of residents served.
  • Ongoing education and training of staff.
  • Observe the highest ethical and practice standards.
  • Govern by business practices that are efficient, accountable and honest.
  • Recognize the quality of its employees and help them reach their potential.


  • Offer affordable and accessible care.
  • Maintain C.A.R.F. accreditation at the current 3-year level.
  • Implement a performance improvement plan to achieve clinical and operational excellence.
  • Recruit and retain clinically competent staff.
  • Achieve financial viable operation.
  • Diversify referral sources to promote census and financial growth.


  • A Board of Directors with a broad range of healthcare experience who are committed to the growth and development of Whitemarsh House.
  • A management team with depth and experience to ensure the successful implementation of the goals and objectives established by the governing authority.
  • A staffing model that is resident centered and committed to a healthy community that encourages individual responsibility.
  • An environment of care that is conducive to residents need for safe and supportive home life within a secure and protective setting.
  • Employer sponsored education and training for staff.
  • Fiscal department that promotes the efficient use of facility resources, accurate reporting of source and use of funds and effective monitors to safeguard resources and maintain compliance with regulatory standards.


  • Limited funding sources for the facility specialized clinical programs.
  • Restrictions placed on facility growth and development under Pennsylvania waiver program.
  • Wage and salary structure with limited benefit package.
  • Older building with maintenance and structural needs


  • The physical plant of Whitemarsh House has capacity to expand programs and increase census.
  • Collaboration with other treatment programs in the service area.
  • Maintenance of C.A.R.F. accreditation with improved quality of care and with ethical values promoted by the C.A.R.F. standards.
  • Recruitment of experienced and competent staff

Action Plan 2023

1. Maintain C.A.R.F. accreditation at 3-year level Target Date: Target Date: Ongoing

2. Develop single-use space for day programming. Time frame: 2024

2. Diversify funding sources and referral networks. Target Date: Target Date: March-December 2023

3. Expand training and educational programming for facility staff. Target Date: March-December 2023

5. Explore state and local funding sources. Target Date: March-December 2023

6. Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to increase community awareness. Time Frame: January-December 2023

7. Develop a formal budget planning process. Target Date: July 2023

8. Complete formalized resident treatment team meetings using more standardized assessment tools that can be aggregated into overall program evaluation, outcomes and program improvement objectives. Target Date: March 2023

9. Continue to implement the six-month program evaluation and outcomes procedure. Target Date: October 2023

10. Quarterly report will have established baselines in key areas plus performance improvement objectives. Quarterly report will assess progress in all baselines and progress toward achievement of performance improvement goals. Target Date: January-March 2023

11. Implement risk management procedures and whatever additional procedures will be needed to adhere to industry standards, the safety and welfare of residents, the fulfillment of the mission statement, regulatory requirements and C.A.R.F. standards. Target Date: Ongoing